PLD Marketing is a full service digital marketing company, but hey, so are thousands of other digital agencies across the country. Some are better than others. So what makes PLD Marketing different from all the rest and why should you care? The answer to that lies in the story of the founder of PLD Marketing. A successful businessman who himself spent well over a million dollars marketing in just a few short years, saw that his efforts on TV, radio, direct mail and print weren't producing what they used to a few years prior. He went searching for an answer. In doing so, he was recruited by one of the top SEO companies in America to launch their digital marketing products into other markets. What he learned along the way was that digital was the "new norm" in advertising and integral in maintaining market share and growth.

Yet while working for this top digital marketing company, one thing didn't settle well with him. There were too many digital agencies selling products to customers that weren't always the best fit. So with that all in mind, PLD Marketing was born to be a cutting edge digital marketing company focusing on helping businesses grow with products that matched their needs. And part of our founder's vision was that, along the way, PLD Marketing would encounter customers who just weren't right for our products. "Even if they are willing to throw us a dollar, we will have to be willing to walk away," he says. "It has to make sense for the business or we won't sell it." Kind of a crazy concept in today's world, right?

We don't think so. So for all of your digital marketing needs, give PLD Marketing a seat at the table and see for yourself what the fuss is all about! Click on the Test Your Website Page - SEO Report Card to see your score and to see how you stack up to your competition. Come on, what are you waiting for? Get started now!

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