One of the most frequent questions I receive is how to effectively turn clicks into calls. Many business owners begin a campaign that has a promising number of clicks - the ad generates a lot of activity, however, the phone fails to ring. This can be very frustrating for a business owner who wants to see results from their display or Search Engine Optimization campaign. 

This problem usually originates from one of three common problems, that if addressed effectively can turn a mediocre, ineffective campaign into a money generating machine. 

    1.) When you click on the ad and go to the website, try to put yourself into your customers shoes. A customer will make up her mind about a business in a matter of seconds and determine whether she wants to continue searching for information. The first problem we frequently encounter is the problem of convenience. A website MUST make a phone call or form fill convenient. Very often the customer finds it difficult to get in contact with the company. A businesses phone number should continue to appear as the customer scrolls through products. Each page and scroll should put the customer close to contact information. 

   2.) The second problem is an issue of direction.  A customer should be lead to the action that the business wants them to perform. If the purpose of the website is to get the customer to fill out an form fill for a quote, then all the content and direction of the site should lead to that action. Using verbiage such as the following will increase the odds of getting the customer to take action: "intelligent customers get more than one quote, click here to get a fast quote." By the time the customer has gotten to the bottom of the page, they had multiple persuasive encounters with content encouraging them to fill out the form. In all forms of advertising frequency is essential and asking your customer to call, or fill out a form on your website is no different. 

   3.) The third common problem is what we call need and urgency. Customers call and buy based on these two things. A website is another form of an advertisement and must create an urgency to call now. This can be done through deals, offers, and by changing the way the customer thinks about your service. Think about what would make you call immediately. For example, instead of saying "We are an inexpensive carpet cleaning service. You should clean your carpets frequently to have a healthy home. Call today for a price.", It could be written, "Although our customers tell us we are very inexpensive, we don't think you should choose us based on our price. You should call us because 50% of homes have dangerous levels of bacteria in their carpet that can damage their families lungs and cause common colds. We have a different method of cleaning that destroys bacteria. Click now to take charge of your families health."

If you keep these things in mind, you will be on your way toward a campaign that is a money generator for you, instead of a money-sucker. If you need help with any of this give us a call to schedule a free consultation and see how effective your campaign could be. 

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