If you are using mailers to advertise your business, there are many things you can do digitally to increase your response. Mailers, although falling in effectiveness in many areas can still be effective for some types of businesses. What more businesses are finding though is that by combining a paper campaign with a digital campaign results can be exponentially higher! If you are running a mailer campaign right now, then keep reading for effective tips on generating more results.

1.                 Use display advertising to target the same people that are receiving your mailer. One of the downsides to mailers is that they are only seen once or twice per month, however, by combining it with a display/banner campaign you can create 20+ views per month online. Frequency creates more conversions.

2.                Create a landing page specifically for the advertisement. A landing page is a shorter, condensed version of your website that is specific to the advertisement. This will help you track the effectiveness of the paper campaign and capture leads online.

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